For a roofer to be successful, they must first have satisfied customers. A roofer needs to know exactly what their clients want and need and then provide the services that deliver these. This involves understanding the customer’s expectations as well as having a broader sense of the industry trends. Knowing what to offer your customers to best meet their needs and to stay up to date with trends will help boost your success.

What Do Customers Want From Their Roofing Contractors?

When it comes to knowing what customers want from their roofers, homeowners have identified three top responses; Research, budgets, and pricing.

  • Lack of research: 33 percent have admitted not doing any research before getting a quote for roofing. This means that educating your customers is an important task for any roofer that wants to be successful. Do not assume that they are aware of all the facts involved and be prepared to educate them. They will be most satisfied with a decision they can make when well-informed and you can help them get here. In this way, you will earn their trust and their business.
  • Budgeting: You can also assume little budgeting has been done. 75 percent of homeowners do not budget for roofing projects. This can result in poor quality work or overly high pricing. In some cases, a person needs an immediate solution so a budget may not be an issue, but when there is time for a project, customers need to be educated about potential costs so as not to waste time or money. To gain a competitive advantage consider offering to finance to the customer as well as the occasional rebate and discount.
  • Value pricing: Pricing and personal references are the top quoted reasons for choosing a roofer. Praise from previous customers as well as a solid online presence will boost your reputation. But, being able to provide these top-rated services at an affordable price will solidify your position. Many homeowners only get one quote before starting a project, so you need your quote to make an impression every time. Be clear and precise with your pricing, breaking down all elements involved so your customer knows exactly what to expect. Honesty will be the key to your success.


It takes continued effort to stay ahead of your competitors. A solid reputation, great follow-through, timely responses, honesty, and affordable pricing will keep you ahead of the game and on everyone’s mind when it comes to roofing.


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