In order for a roof to properly protect a building, it needs the right support. Over time the support and the roofing can begin to weaken. This causes the building to look rundown and it can also be hazardous. It is important to work with a contractor to identify the cause so it can be properly repaired and the roof support can be maintained. If the outward appearance of the roof looks good and there are no missing materials or obvious damage, then the support is likely the issue. Many people forget that there are underlying factors that contribute to the stability of the roof, and of these, the support is the most critical aspect to maintain. Here are the most common support issues that could be causing your roofing problems.

What Are The Most Common Roof Support Issues?

1. Poor Maintenance

Roofing requires regular maintenance in order to best protect your roofing and for it to last as long as possible. Without regular maintenance, the materials and support will weaken much quicker. The most common problems you can identify with routine inspections and maintenance are dampness, mold, leaks, cracks, and poor ventilation. When you take preventative measures to identify and fix these issues, you save money in the long run and get more life out of your roof.

2. Weathering

The exposure to weather makes roofing vulnerable to wear and deterioration. The sun and rain can all take their toll on roofing materials along with chemical pollutants that may be in the air. Because you can’t control the weather, the best approach is to prepare for the typical weather in your local area and check for damages after heavy rains.

3. Wind

Along with the natural wear that the sun and rain cause over time, winds can cause damage to your roofing. Heavy winds can easily tear off roofing materials and roofing membranes. It is important to make sure all roofing components are securely fastened and checked regularly after any winds.

4. Interior Issues

Sometimes the interior of the roof can be causing problems. Typically this involves poor-quality materials, poor installation, and support beams holding more weight than they were intended for. It is important to keep an eye on the support and weight of your roof. If you make any additions or changes to a roof, this can increase the weight. Work with a professional roofer anytime changes are made to your roof to make sure the support is not weakened in the process.

5. Poor Design

Poorly designed roofing can cost you a lot of money. These issues are expensive to correct as they often require replacing large portions or the entire roofing. Common design-related issues are weak structures buckling under roof load, incompatible roofing materials, water accumulation causing sagging, and incorrect systems installed so expansion and contraction cannot work properly.

6. Flashing

Flashing is an essential part of roofing that acts as a watertight seal. It is important that flashing is installed by a professional. Done incorrectly, and water can leak in between the roofing systems. Depending on the type of flashing, there can be different problems.

  • Base flashing – Common issues with base flashing include being the wrong height, having overlaps, poor adhesion, insufficient coating, and loose insulation.
  • Penetration flashing – common issues with penetration flashing include broken seams, poor design, improper finish on metal components, standing water, and counter flashing deterioration.
  • Drain flashing – any drainage system needs to have proper openings and an adequate pitch, without this there can be problems and water accumulation.

7. Rooftop Equipment

If your roofing has any equipment stored on it such as HVAC units, solar panels, satellite antennas, additional attention is required for installation and maintenance. Proper mounting equipment needs to be used to protect the roofing surface from damage and to ensure all seals are watertight. You also need to make sure that the roof can handle the additional weight or the roofing support will quickly weaken.


Whether it is time for your annual maintenance or you are looking for ways to prolong the life of your roof, protecting the support is an important step. Reach out to us today for an inspection, installation, maintenance, and repairs you may have and we can help make sure your roof gets the support it needs.


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