You are already aware of the damage UV radiation can do to your skin. It can also damage your roof too. Most of your roof, if not all of it, is exposed to the sun all day and this exposure can change the components of the roofing material.

UV Radiation and Your Roof: What Do You Need To Know?

UV Rays and Your Roof

Shingles are durable and look great, but after some time in the sun, this is not the case. UV light alters the chemical makeup of the shingle material. Even though shingles have a protective coating this can deteriorate with extended contact with the air. The heat from the sun accelerates this deterioration. Over time the roof begins cracking and peeling. You may not always see the long term damage but it will be there. Cracking will expand over time which allows water and moisture from other seasons to seep in. This will only make the situation worse. The heat of the sun is just as damaging as the light because it increases expansion. When the asphalt cools at night, even more cracking will occur. This is known as thermal shock and it is the number one cause of shingle destruction. Even though asphalt is more susceptible to sun damage, all types of roofing can be damaged by excessive sun exposure.

Preventing UV Damage

Regular inspections of your roofing can help to prevent any serious damage. You can identify issues before they become serious. Hire an expert to check your roofing at least once a year. Rain and wind can loosen shingles leaving the roof more exposed to the sun, so always check the roof after any storms. If your shingles are in good shape, applying a protective coating can help preserve them. By reflecting the sun’s light and heat away, you can give a little more life to your shingles. You can also install a metal roof. These are better able to withstand expansion and contraction. Rubber roofing is also impervious to UV rays.


The summer is here and we want to help you protect your roof from UV light and heat. Reach out to us today with any questions or to schedule an inspection. When you take preventative measures, you can protect your roof and preserve its longevity for this summer and many others.

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