Homeowners face the difficulty not only in managing the household, but also in maintaining, repairing, and renovating the structure. Some of these things you can learn to do yourself, but others require the expertise of a professional.

Roofing matters is one of the things that only a tradie can help with, especially if you are inexperienced with this kind of trade. Whether you need repairs or replacements, the best route is to call a professional who can give advice on the type of material to get and how much it would cost.

If you are choosing between roof shingles or roof tiles, you need to know what each of the options has to offer. Read on to learn more.

Criteria for the Best Roofing Material

Roofing material is the first thing you need to decide on before you can even start your project. This has a huge impact on the cost, appearance, and overall function of the roof.

Homeowners should on a budget always look for value for money, which means that the material must be moderately priced, while still fulfilling their aesthetic and functional needs.

Why does aesthetics matter, you ask? Some people might prioritize function over form, but it is important to remember that the appearance of a house can play a huge role in its overall value. A good-looking roof increases curb value and can indicate its state and the level of care it receives.

Of course, functionality is always a vital factor when choosing a material. You want to go with a durable option that can last for a long, long time even in different weather conditions. Keep in mind that with advancements in roofing practices and tradesmanship, there are pieces of technology that can improve the functionality of your roof, whatever material they may be made of.

Are Roof Shingles Your Best Option?

Roof shingles are a great bet for homeowners who want a unique and more modern appearance along with the full functionality of a roof. They come in different colors and styles, giving you a lot of choices that can fit the aesthetic of your home.

Another thing that makes it a desirable option is its cost. There are types of shingles that are more cost-effective, especially those made with asphalt. They are also on the lighter side.

Should you decide to go with asphalt shingles, you can also enjoy a few other benefits such as easy installation, wind resistance, and a variety of choices.

Are Roof Tiles the Better Choice?

Those who are considering roof tiles should know that this option is one of the most common ones. If you don’t want your home to stand out from the crowd, then this is probably your best bet. It offers a more traditional look while also having the full features of a roof.

What you should know is that they tend to be costly, whether you choose pieces made from clay or concrete. They also tend to be heavier, easy to install, and resistant to the elements.

The Bottom Line

Given the fact the tiles are costlier while offering a traditional look with the same function, you might want to go with roof shingles simply because they are budget-friendly and functional. Plus, they offer a more modern look to make your home a better-looking one.