Winter is perhaps one of the most magical seasons in Northern California. Some areas never see snow, but higher elevations can have some.  Just as you prepare for winter and the coming of the coolest month of January, taking the time to improve the state of your commercial roof is the best way you can ensure its structural integrity in the months ahead.

There are several things you have to stay on top of when it comes to preparing your roof for the winter and rainy seasons. These steps give you the peace of mind that you need knowing that your commercial roof is ready for the changing seasons.

Assess the Condition of Your Roof

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to know the condition of your roof. You should be always in the know about anything and everything that happens to it. This way, you know whether or not you need to have it serviced by a trusted contractor.

One mistake property owners often make it they only perform assessments when they decide to have it serviced. However, it is better to know the roof’s condition at all times, so you can take immediate action in case of major issues.

The best way to keep yourself in the loop about your roof’s condition is to establish a maintenance plan, which will be overseen by building personnel, who will also give you regular updates. This way, you are doing the essential servicing all year round and you know what to do to prepare your roof for the season.

Create a Maintenance Plan

As mentioned, having a maintenance plan is the best way to stay on top of your roof’s condition. This strategy should be composed of having regular maintenance services from a reputable contractor. This can be done annually or semi-annually.

One important part of this plan is the regular and more frequent assessments done by your building staff. Just make sure that they are trained about roof safety and know signs of damages and issues that need immediate addressing.

Clean Up the Dirt and Debris

So, you have building personnel assigned to monitor your roof. They may be taking note of any budding and major issues, and reporting back to you. However, they should also be in charge of arranging for clean-up, especially debris and dirt.

Remember, it is easy to ignore a layer of dirt and some debris that settle on your roof, but when these accumulate over time, they can become harder to address. A few leaves and branches turn into a whole lot of junk, and several layers of dust can become a thick cover of gunk.

Plus, they can block the gutters, leading to more serious problems like leaks, damages, and water rotting. So, see to it that your staff are doing regular cleaning to minimize the occurrence of these issues and avoid problems from becoming bigger.

Trim Nearby Trees

One source of debris is trees because they tend to shed their leaves and branches, especially during extreme weather. If your building is located near trees that you can take action on, then you should definitely invest in tree trimming services.

This can reduce the work done by your maintenance staff and minimize the possibility of such debris damaging your roof.

If you need to know when to trim trees, just take a look at their branches. If they go over your roof or in any way near your building, that is when you need to hire a tree trimmer. You do not want dead branches falling over your roof and damaging it, or worse, falling on a person and causing injuries.

Make the Necessary Commercial Roof Repairs

Late action is always the enemy when it comes to maintaining any part of your structure. You do not want small issues to turn into bigger and costlier ones. So, you should make sure that any problem will be addressed immediately.

Some issues like dirt and debris buildup can be addressed by your maintenance staff. Perhaps water pooling on your roof during the rainy season can also be easily fixed by them, as well, by cleaning the gutters and clearing the drainage.

However, you should also remember that some issues require the equipment and knowledge of experts. Some issues like cracks, damages, serious clogging, major dirt buildup, and leaks should be handled by a trusted roofing contractor.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

Whether you are getting inspections as part of the maintenance plan or you are doing so to address an existing concern, scheduling an assessment with a trusted commercial roofing contractor is your best choice to ensure that every single concern will be addressed competently and efficiently.

Remember, these professionals have the tools and the know-how for addressing these issues. Plus, they receive the right training to safely and effectively perform the job.

Another great thing is that they are covered by legal safety standards, which means that their companies are doing their best to ensure their safety and protection.

The Takeaway

The winter season can be strenuous for your roof as the weather transitions from hot to cold. You want to make sure that yours is in good condition to handle the temperature change. With these tips, you can take the necessary steps to prepare your roof for the coming season with minimal issues.

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