If you live in Southern California, you know it can get pretty hot in the summer. Plus, there is sun most of the year. This means it can be a challenge to keep your building cool unless you want to spend thousands on air conditioning costs. One of the most economical solutions is metal roofing. As highly reflective surfaces, metal roofing can help you keep a comfortable temperature inside without running the A/C all day. Metal reflects light rather than absorbs it because of its low thermal mass. You can choose from several finishes to help enhance reflective properties and adding pigmentation can emit up to 90% of any of the heat absorbed through the day. This means the heat doesn’t get inside.

Metal Roofing is Best For The Heat

During the summer months, when temperatures are at their hottest, you can take an additional step to improve inside temperatures. Some metal products have built-in airspace between the metal sheet and underlayment. This insulation prevents even more heat transmission as the underlayment absorbs any heat that gets through the metal.

How Does A Metal Roof Keep Your Property Cool?

Many people wonder how metal roofing keeps a building cool, when metal typically gets very hot under the sun. It may seem paradoxical, but metal roofing is actually very efficient for keeping your property cool and increasing your energy and money savings.

  • Reflects sunlight – Metal can be heated by the sun, but it also reflects the sun. Rather than absorbing the heat and sunlight, it reflects them both away. The surface may be hot to touch, but the heat will not transfer through, so the inside of your building will be cooler.
  • Energy-efficient – Because the heat is reflected away, less heat enters inside. So, you don’t have to run the air conditioning as often to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. Metal roofing can save you up to 40% in energy usage.
  • Save money – The more you run the A/C, the more energy it uses and this can be expensive. Additionally, when you run the A/C all the time, it will wear out and break down much quicker. You can save on wear and save money on energy bills when you switch to metal roofing.

What Is The Best Kind of Metal Roof?

Before you invest in your metal roof, do some research first. There are different metal and paint options with reflective properties available. You need to make sure your building can support metal roofing as it is typically heavier than other materials, and you want to consider the strength and durability of metal roofing options before choosing the right fit for your property. Cool roof technology has been adopted by many manufacturers and is a popular option for roofing in warmer climates. Solar reflectance is high but emittance low and you can increase savings by choosing lighter color metal roofing. The lighter colors reflect even more heat away, which makes the color more important than the material. So, always go with a lighter shade when you have the option.


When you want to save money, energy, and keep your building cool, metal roofing is the answer. We have the expertise and knowledge to get you the best metal roofing. We know the local climate and have the best choices in colors and cool technology for you to choose from. If you are looking for a metal roof, savings, and the best in installation, call us today.


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