Commercial roofing is exposed to many environmental factors that can wear it down. It can also be a challenging job to repair and maintain and dangerous to work on commercial roofing. According to OSHA, falls from roofing are the leading cause of death in the construction industry.

Is Your Commercial Roof Dangerous?

An improperly maintained commercial roof can present dangerous situations. It is important that you make sure your commercial roof is properly maintained so as not to be a danger. There can be any number of hazards related to an improperly maintained commercial roof. Leaking is one of the most common problems and can cause water to pool within a building. This can contribute to slips and falls that can lead to serious injury. In addition, a lack of safety screens for skylights, or lack of perimeter railings can lead to serious injury for maintenance workers who need to work on your roof.

We have experience with commercial roofing and have worked through the years to inspect and maintain roofing that has been neglected. We want to help you minimize the risks associated with roofing and will help you keep any risks for maintenance workers minimized. It is important for commercial roofing to have certain things in place to enhance safety. The use of safety monitoring systems that incorporate warning line systems as well as installing guardrails at perimeter edges and roof openings. The roof should also have safety screens around skylights to avoid fall situations.

On average, a commercial roof is 5% of the overall building’s construction cost, but commercial building roofs will be subject to more lawsuits than any other component of the property. It is important to make them safe to avoid injury and these potentially expensive lawsuits. Lawsuits involving commercial roofing include accidents associated with activity on the roof. They can also result from injuries or damage to interior components of a commercial building. This damage can come from leaking or degradation of a commercial roof that has occurred over time. There will also be an inherent risk related to a commercial roof that can be attributed to weather. We come across many dangers that develop as a result of poor maintenance and non-compliance with safety regulations. When a roof is in poor condition, it is less likely to withstand the elements and is more susceptible to damage that can cause damage and injury.

Final thoughts

If you have any concerns regarding the safety standards related to your commercial roof, then reach out to us today. We will inspect your roofing and evaluate if there are any risks present. We will also help you find the best solutions to get your roof back in the best shape. We will also provide maintenance tips and programs to protect the integrity of the roof and to protect your investment and protect you from lawsuits.


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