Los Gatos, California sits in the Santa Clara County in the Northern part of the state. As a quickly growing technological and industrial area, this city has made sure it fits in. Having developed past the once small pioneer town it was, Los Gatos now has several small industrial sections around the city. With the ever-changing weather of Northern California combined with the exposure to industrial pollution, it is important to maintain the integrity of your buildings all year round. 

Industrial Roofing In Los Gatos, CA

Industrial buildings’ roofing is exposed to more elements than traditional residential roofing so more frequent maintenance is required. It is important to get the best roofing systems and installation for your industrial buildings, to ensure you protect your investment. Exhaust fumes, chemicals, and extreme temperatures are but a few things that cause regular stress to industrial roofs, so make sure you get the best for your local climate and industrial area. There are five basic types of roofing materials used for industrial roofing design.

  • Single Ply roofing – This is made up of four elements, an insulation layer, flashing, an adhesive and a single ply membrane made of plastic or rubber.
  • Spray Foam – This is applied as a liquid and puffs up to form a continuous and seamless protective barrier around pipes, vents and any protrusions through the roof.
  • Built-Up roofing– This is made up of multiple layers of materials laminated together.
  • Modified Bitumen – This is asphalt with modifiers added to give it a rubber or plastic-like properties to make it more durable.

What You Get When You Choose Us

We offer a comprehensive roofing service for all industrial buildings. As experienced and professional roofing contractors, we specialize in roof installations, repairs and maintenance of each type of roofing so have the experience necessary for any of your industrial projects. We can customize a solution that meets all your needs and your budget. We understand that every building is different and that every area has different exposures and needs so we offer onsite inspections and free estimates to fully evaluate your roofing needs.

Whether you need re-roofing for a small or big building, we can guarantee quick action and quality. We also provide 24-hour emergency service to ensure that all our work and repairs are timely and cost-effective. As an industrial roof company servicing the Los Gatos area, please do not hesitate to give us a call to schedule an onsite inspection of your property today.

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