(AllSeason) Industrial roofing in Mountain View CA

Milpitas, CA is a rapidly growing suburb in the Silicon Valley, booming with electronics and computer-based industries. Industrial buildings require special maintenance and roofing services and different techniques than those used for residential roofing jobs. The roofs on industrial buildings need to be fortified and strong enough to last through harsh weather as well as potential chemical exposure.

Industrial roofing, therefore, needs to be handled by professionals who understand the correct procedures and materials to make the roof optimal. Most industrial roofing takes on the flat or low slop designs but there are other options available that your contractor should know about. Not only do we offer installation services, but we can repair or replace any roof and we offer full inspections both before and after a job is complete. In truth, there are a number of reasons why you should choose us for any of your industrial roofing needs.

We offer a number of services and experience

One would think that an industrial roofing company would have access to many materials and services, but there are plenty that do not. We offer a large range of services including repairs, maintenance, and inspections as well as familiarity with multiple roofing designs and products. When it comes to materials the most commonly used are:

  • Metal roofing: Can be made of copper, steel, or aluminum but these materials are better suited for low slope roofs, and not the flat ones
  • Modified bitumen: This is asphalt with added modifiers which make it last longer due because of its plastic or rubber-like properties.
  • Spray foam: This typically comes in liquid form during the application, and is used as a protective barrier around vents, pipes, and any small openings in the roof.
  • Built-up roof: A roof with various material layers laminated together.
  • Single ply roofing: Consists of a single ply membrane, insulation layer, an adhesive, and flashing.

We are licensed and insured

You need to be careful when it comes to hiring roofing companies because many operate without insurance or licenses. They are attractive because they typically offer lower prices, but you will get what you pay for. Always work with contractors that can prove insurance coverage as well as certification and licensing. This means fewer risks and unexpected costs. By covering everything for you, there is less for you to worry about and the last thing you want to deal with is surprise charges or an accident that is now your responsibility.

We have satisfied customers

Before you decide on a roofing contractor, you should always look at reviews from previous customers. Our customer satisfaction rating is high so we guarantee that we will provide nothing but the best service for you. We take pride in building working relationships with our clients and continue to meet their needs for any new project. We invite you to check out previous reviews and customer comments because we are confident they will persuade you to choose us for any of your industrial roofing needs.

We listen to our customers

In order to deliver the best, we have to understand specifically what you want and need. The best way to achieve this is by actively listening to our clients and involving them in the process. If you ever have any questions during the project we will answer them and provide solutions to any problem that may arise. We will also schedule an inspection prior to the job to best advise you how to proceed so you know what to expect up front. We keep open and honest communication at all times and there are no surprises for you or your budget.

We deliver quality services

We only hire the most professional members to our team and work with the highest quality materials. We value your business so only want to provide the best for you and your roof. We understand that everyone has different budgets, so we offer quality solutions to cater to all and we are through with inspections and installation. Please reach out to us with any questions and we look forward to working with you soon on your industrial roofing project.

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