Is it time to replace your roof or are you building a new one? The roof is an important part and choosing the style and color is a big decision. The right material and color will affect both the value and appearance of your property. You want a material that will blend in with the area and that matches your building architecture. It can be a challenge to figure out the right combination of roofing style, color, and property architecture. To help you navigate the process, there are a few things to consider.

How To Pick The Right Color Roof Shingles?

What to Consider When Choosing a New Roof?

The roof is more than just covering. It provides protection and is an incredibly important component for any building. It may not be the first thing to catch attention, but the wrong roof can have a big impact on the safety and aesthetics of your building. If you are considering replacing your roof or building a new one, you need to choose everything from color and material to determining what you actually want your roof to look like. The first step is to consider the building style. Is it more modern or contemporary? The local climate also matters because metal roofing is a good fit for warm climates to reflect away the sun’s heat. Colder climates suit asphalt roofing which is designed to absorb heat.

Choosing Shingle Colors

Color is more important than people realize. The color along with the material type you choose sets the tone for the rest of your property. It may end up being more noticeable which can be a good or bad thing. The type of building you have is the most important factor in determining roof color. A trendy, modern building would look ideal with a trendier color, whereas an old-fashioned building would be better with more subtle colors, or even wood. Deciding on color is one of the most challenging parts of replacing your roof or building a new property. There are classic combinations you can use such as black or gray roofing with a light-colored building or gray roofing with a brick building. Be sure to look at the pattern and texture of your shingles as well because different materials like cedar and asphalt, have different textures which vary their appearance. Remember too, that lighter colors will make your property look larger and stand out more, whereas darker colors take attention away from the building so that other aspects can appear more prominent.

What Color Options Are There?

There are many different styles, materials, and colors out there, so you can be creative and find the perfect fit for your property. You can also consult with a roofing professional to help you choose the best color for your building. Roofing color options typically include.

  • White: This is considered to be the most versatile color for a building, so you can choose from the most colors for your roof. Blac, gray, blue, or brown will all work. With white buildings, you may want to go with a roof color that best matches the other properties so as not to stand out too dramatically.
  • Cream/Beige: Cream or beige buildings are almost as versatile as white so a brown, black, gray, or blue roof will work.
  • Gray: Gray buildings are usually brick or painted and work best with roofing that is black or a contrasting shade of gray.
  • Red: Gray, black, and dark shades of brown, look best with red brick buildings. In some cases, soft shades of green can also look nice.
  • Brown: With a brown building, complementary shades of brown work best as does black roofing. Depending on the shade, blue and green can also work.


When it comes to choosing roof color, you want to keep it simple. The color will make a statement about the whole property, so it should not be a decision you take lightly. For any questions or help choosing a roof color, reach out to us today.


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