HOA Multi-Family Roofing (AllSeason)

If your roof is leaking and requires repair or total replacement, you need to start thinking of hiring a reputable company to fix the problem. We are dedicated to offering all services concerning roofing in San Jose and its suburbs. We replace, repair and manage roofs for both single family homes and those managed by HOA (Home Owners Association). We’ve been in operation for over two decades, we have accumulated a great deal of experience in working on all types of roofs. Our track record speaks for itself.

Our roofing solutions

Roofing the apartment complex

Your apartment’s roof probably has leakage problems in which water penetrates through when it is raining. As the manager of the apartment, you may be perturbed by the situation and now you’re looking for a qualified roofer who can fix the problem. As you know, the happiness of your tenants is a priority. Don’t hesitate to call so that we can bring our expertise and fix your roof to perfection.

The apartment roof repair

We are experienced in working on all types of roofs regardless of the design. We are certain we will do a great job if given an opportunity to work on your apartment’s roof. Leaks, general repair, you name it we can fix it. The first thing our professionals do is to come and talk to you or your appointed management staff. Thereafter, we proceed to visit the tenant and identify the cause if the leak. Having collected all the necessary information, we will repair it accordingly.

Apartment roof replacement

It reaches a time when the roof can’t take more repairs. The roof may as well require a full redo to solve the frequent leaking problems. We are able to handle the whole job and we promise we will do it perfectly.

We also sell a variety of roofing materials that come in different colors which will offer the necessary protection while improving the beauty of your apartment at the same time. We just don’t want to replace the roof and leave. We would like to leave an observable change, a change that makes your apartment attractive to tenants and increase its value as well.

Whole roof or just a section, one building after another

We fully understand the cost involved in replacing the whole roof of the apartment at once. We are more than capable to re-roof the building the building section by section while adhering to a set schedule. Depending of the schedule, we can replace the sections of the roof in a short time spanning two or three weeks. This can also depend on the size of the roof and the complexity of the damage at hand.

Call All Season roofing today to have a competent team of professionals fix your roof. We will be glad to work with your set schedule so that we can solve the current roofing problems by addressing the most urgent and ones and maintaining the remaining until an appropriate time to re-roof comes. Our prices are highly competitive. We will charge you reasonably while delivering a high quality repair and replacement job.

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