Solar power is an affordable and sustainable way to power your commercial property. Switching to solar energy provides numerous financial benefits, cutting energy use and utility bills as well as being approved for government incentives. Solar energy is also a popular choice due to its sustainability and environmental benefits, so your business gets popularity points too. With commercial solar projects, the choice of technology is important. Solar panels can be installed on parking lots, carports, or mounted on poles. These let the world see that you have invested in solar, but may not be the best placement of panels for reduced energy bills.

Getting Started On Solar Projects

An alternative option for commercial properties is to install the system on the flat rooftop. Tracker mounts are ideal, allowing the panels to face the sun during the day to get maximum exposure. Rooftop mounts for solar systems provide optimal exposure, keep panels out of the way, and reduce energy use. The type of system you choose is just one of the several things to consider before getting started on your solar project.

Going off the grid

Unless you want to also use solar batteries, you do not have to go completely off the grid. The majority of commercial properties that use solar energy also use the grid but energy costs are significantly reduced. When you add solar energy, the goal is not to replace the grid entirely, but to replace the majority of your energy use with a renewable source. Any energy, and costs, from the grid, are reduced.

Utility bill savings

Installing solar energy comes with financial returns. Commercial properties can reduce their energy bills by 75% when they go solar. Solar panels, when properly maintained, also last between 25 and 30 years, and you can lock in low electricity rates for this time. To check how much you can potentially save by installing solar, there are several tools online that calculate your savings. Additionally, the cost of solar power has dropped in recent years because people prefer companies that favor sustainability. You also get lower costs and government incentives that can help further the return on your investment in solar.

Building properties

One factor to consider is whether your commercial property is a good fit for a solar system. The best buildings will have large flat roofing. Roofing needs to be properly maintained and in good condition to best support the addition of a solar system. If you are considering solar, work with a professional roofer and installer to confirm the condition of your roof and to get any minor problems repaired before adding the new system. As you make the decision about your solar project, remember the benefits.

  • Increased building value – as a green building, the public image of your company improves, which also improves the building’s value.
  • Financial savings – reduced energy use, locked-in low rates, lower energy bills, and tax incentives.
    Demonstrate commitment to sustainability and social responsibility


Going solar is a move towards lower energy use, lower energy costs, and big money savings. It is also a move towards a greener future which will go a long way in improving your building’s value and your company’s value. For your solar option, reach out to us today and we will get you on the right path towards a greener future and get you started with the right solar project.


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