Commercial Roofing In Santa Clara CA

If you’ve always wanted to live in the state of California and enjoy the west coast, living in Santa Clara is the ideal setting. Santa Clara is located near San Jose, in CA’s Silicon Valley. Aside from being in Silicon Valley which is the hub of tech companies, the city is home to home to California’s Great America; an amusement park known for its thrill rides currently operated by Cedar Fair, L.P.

Other points of interest that might excite you include the Intel Museum and its exhibits about technological advancements, the Triton Museum of Art and the Harris-Lass historical house. It cannot go without mentioning Levi’s Stadium of course, which the San Francisco 49ers NFL call home.

Like many cities in Silicon Valley, and the greater western coast, Santa Clara has attracted many entrepreneurs to the region all thanks to the conducive working environment.  The construction of many commercial buildings in the region is a clear testimony of the growth and development in the region.

If you have a commercial structure or are planning to have one in Santa Clara, CA, you need to understand that there’re different types of commercial roofing available in Santa Clara.  If you’re installing a new roof, making renovations or replacing your commercial roofing system in Santa Clara, there are different roofing options which you might want to consider. Some of the roofing options are included below.

Thermoplastic single-ply roofing

TPOs are a popular commercial roofing option for good reason.  For a start the material used to construct the TPO roofing system is extremely durable, meaning it will serve you longer without the need for a replacement.

Additionally, the material can adjust to below freezing temperatures as well as extremely high industrial temperatures. This means it can be used in factories generating a lot of heat without getting affected and can adapt when temperatures drop to negative during winter months.

Other reasons that make the roofing system ideal is the fact that it’s not impacted by exposure to chemicals, it’s not affected by UV rays and it is resistant to fires, wind, and punctures.

EPDM roofing

Just like The TPOs, EPDM roofs are long-lasting and versatile. When it comes to durability, EPDM roofing has the longest lifespan of all the industrial roofs. Unlike other industrial roofs, EPDM is typically easier to install, repair, and even maintain.

Sustainable solutions

The sustainable roof solutions are designed to have the least impact on the environment. Some of the sustainable roofs include;

  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels – If looking for a roofing system that will save you from costly energy costs, without compromising your energy needs, the solar energy roofing is the perfect system. The solar roofs can absorb sunlight, which is later converted to energy and can be used to light your commercial building.
  • Green roofs – Also known as living roofs, they comprise of roofs covered with soil and vegetation. And just like the name suggests, green roofs are aimed at those who are looking to go “green.” Even though they are not as popular as the solar roofs, they’re great at absorbing heat and rain as well as improving the insulation of the roof.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are the most common and popular roofing systems. With a metal roof, you can enjoy protection against fire and natural weather conditions such as winds and hail. Also, they’re versatile as you get to choose from a gamut of colors, textures, and type of metal roof you want.

Coated roof systems

With time, exposure to the environment can compromise even the highest quality roofing systems, and this is why you need to apply a coating over your existing roofing to extend its lifespan.

Aside from deflecting the harmful ultraviolet rays from your roof, thanks to its shiny and reflective surface, a roof coating offers an additional layer of protection to your roof. It also makes your roof watertight, as it seals the existing roof leaks.

Modified Bitumen Roofs

Asphalt roofing systems are among the most common and popular roofing solutions in Santa Clara. However, the roofing material alone is not fire resistant, because they are made from paper and petroleum. Additionally, during the winter season, asphalt roofs can become brittle and more susceptible to ice damage.

Our modified bitumen roofs help in overcoming all these asphalt problems. We make our modified bitumen roofs by reinforcing your asphalt roof with fiberglass or polyester.

Unlike the asphalt roof, the new roof is durable, fire resistant, resistant to punctures, tears, foot traffic, and is not susceptible to wind damage or mold/mildew growth.

Now you’re aware of the different types of commercial roofing you need for your commercial apartment in Santa Clara. If you need any commercial roofing help, whether it be installation, repair, or replacement, you can reach to our friendly customer care representatives who will gladly assist your every need.

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