As a property manager or owner, you want to make sure that every part of the structure is in good working order, especially as it houses your business, staff, customers, and inventory. If you encounter an issue with your roofing system, you need to get a building roof restoration before it gets worse.

The best way to go is to get in touch with professional commercial roofers who will assist you on how to address the matter properly. Often, building managers are worried about expenses, which is why they want to avoid a full roof replacement.

If you own a commercial building or an industrial facility, you need an honest, meticulous, and professional assessment. At our company, we inspect the situation and suggest the most effective and efficient roofing service. We might suggest doing an industrial roof restoration, depending on your roof’s condition.

A Brief Look into Building Roof Restoration

Commercial roof restoration can be a more complex and costlier procedure than minor repairs, but if the issue is significant enough, then this process is definitely recommended. The good news is that this is less complicated and more affordable than a full roof replacement.

Just keep in mind that majorly damaged or hopeless cases may not benefit from roof restoration, but those with more integrity and healthy enough foundation will surely go well with this procedure.

In essence, building roof restoration simply means further renewing or breathing in new life to an already existing part of the roof. This entails not only repairing the weak parts of the roof but also strengthening the overall roof structure to make it last as if it’s brand new.

How Commercial Roof Restoration Benefits You

As mentioned, a commercial roof restoration is not designed for all types of roofs or cases. Despite this, it cannot be denied that the benefits that this service affords owners like you are simply unparalleled. Below are some benefits you might want to consider.

Less Costly than Full Replacement

One of the main advantages that a commercial roof restoration for your building affords you is that it generally costs less compared to doing a traditional full roof replacement. Since it would not require you to replace the whole roof, chances are you need fewer materials and coatings as well, reducing the amount you would normally pay.

What’s more, it’s worth noting that a roof restoration service likewise requires less labor primarily because the majority of the existing roofing is retained.

Extends the Roof’s Service Life

Of course, it goes without question that a commercial roof restoration has the capacity to extend your roof’s service life. Although your building’s roof may last around 20 to 25 years give or take, restoring this takes it further and prolongs it by at least 10 to 20 years.

Combined with proper care and maintenance, your roofing system can be coated and recoated over time, further extending the life of your roof and making it work for you in the years to come instead of getting a replacement altogether.

Improves Roof Performance

The problem with roofs is that it deteriorates over time. A commercial roof restoration project brings it back to its prime thanks to the watertight membrane that seamlessly coats your roof.

With this level of protection, your roof safeguards against leaks and further destruction, giving you the peace of mind you need and deserve.

Cost- and Energy-Efficient

Commercial roof restoration likewise has the capacity to make your building more energy-efficient, making this an ideal tradeoff as it also lowers the costs of running your building. These restoration projects and systems are equipped with reflective and emissive properties, and therefore, can greatly improve your building’s energy efficiency.

The reflective surface of the roof’s coating helps maintain an optimum level of temperature within the building, helping reduce the workload of the HVAC systems in place since the UV rays of the sun are also bounced off these.

Less Wasteful and More Convenient

Sustainability is one of the biggest buzzwords across the world and a commercial roof restoration just falls right into this category. It works with the existing roof structure rather than tearing apart perfectly good materials that still function as intended, reducing waste that affects landfills and the environment we are in.

The roofing industry is undoubtedly one of the major contributors to waste in landfills. With a restoration approach, this eliminates the need for unnecessary waste, all the while creating minimal impact on the environment.

Signs You Need to Have a Commercial Roof Restoration

Water and Moisture Problems

One of the most prevalent signs that you already need to have your building’s roof restored is if you are already coming across water and moisture problems. From leaks, and water blisters, to even mold and dampness seeping in, these can become quite a nuisance over time.

These aforementioned factors play a role in further speeding up the deterioration of your building, particularly with the high level of humidity it could bring.

Rising Energy Bills

Yet another telltale sign you may want to look out for is the constantly rising energy bills. As your roof functions less than ideal over time and with the lack of the coating’s reflectivity, your cooling systems will be forced to maintain the proper temperature inside the building. This results in high energy bills.

Open Seams on the Roof

A roof’s wear and tear might be normal, but if you find that light or even other objects can go through your roof, these might be telling about open seams that hold your roof and its foundation together. Sealing this with the help of restoration efforts is your best bet.

Learn More About Commercial Roof Restoration

Leave commercial roof restoration to the experts and they can make your building facility function properly once again.

Feel free to reach out to our company to consult and schedule an inspection with our team of experts today. We have professionals who can assess the condition of your roof and how it can function in the best way possible for your needs.


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