5 01, 2022

The Importance of Commercial Roof Uplift Testing

2021-11-07T14:06:49+00:00By |

Even though California doesn’t have hurricanes, strong winds can cause serious damage. As hurricanes are predicted to hit high-risk areas, this means the weather across the country will be affected, which means high winds could be in your area. With the uncertainty of what [...]

1 12, 2021

5 Common Roofing Problems And How To Fix Them

2021-12-01T20:45:20+00:00By |

Your roof provides protection against the weather and external environment. As a protective layer, the roof is exposed to the elements, making it vulnerable to damage. Winds can remove or loosen roofing materials as well as throw objects against the roof causing punctures. Rain [...]

17 11, 2021

The Advantages of Single-Ply Membrane Roofing Systems

2021-09-22T11:58:06+00:00By |

Single-ply membrane roof systems have been used for decades and are one of the most trusted options for roofing. Despite its common use, many often wonder how single-ply membrane systems are installed and what their advantage is over other membrane options. If these are [...]

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