It is never a good idea to wait for roofing problems to become obvious. By the time they are very noticeable, the damage could be serious and irreparable. Preventative action and frequent maintenance are the best approaches to getting the most from your commercial roofing. Small problems can be identified early and repaired before they become costly problems.

Can You Fix a Leaky Roof on a Budget?

If your roof is over five years old, you should schedule biannual physical inspections by a qualified commercial roofing contractor to get any small problems identified and taken care of quickly. With a maintenance contract in place, you fix simple problems that have simple solutions. Being proactive saves your roof and saves you money. The cost to maintain a roof average about 2 percent of the roof installation cost per year. This means that a $500,000 roof would actually cost $10,000 a year. In ten years’ time, this cost will be $100,000. Spending this money on maintenance will get the roof to its full lifespan so you only have to spend this amount once. A regular inspection and maintenance program also allows you to keep your full warranty and ensures you get the most from these warranties. On average, commercial roofs that are only maintained when things go wrong do not last long, possibly reaching only 13 years. When proactive maintenance and care are a part of your routine, the roofing will last closer to 21 years and this means fewer expenses over the long term.

If during an inspection you find any problems have got out of hand or you have serious leaks, replacement may be your only option. You are not alone if you are unable to afford this at the time it is needed. Letting the roof continue to leak is not a good option either, as this can cause more damage, and in the end, will cost you more money. Luckily, there are some cost-effective ideas to help preserve the roof until you can afford a replacement. You can use a roofing compound to patch upmost leaks for a small time. To be effective, you must find out where the leak is actually coming from. Trace the leak back through the building so you know where to look on the roof for the holes or cracks. Patch it with some roofing compound to temporarily plug the leak. Silicone sealant can also be very helpful if a leak is coming in through a point of entry such as where skylights and vents are placed on the roof. This is not a permanent fix method but if you have found the water’s point of entry it will definitely buy you some time.

Final thoughts

Regular inspections are the best way to save money on roof replacement. By identifying issues before they get out of hand, you can repair instead of replacing them. Call us today to schedule an inspection so we can help identify problems while they are still manageable. We will help you with a proactive maintenance schedule to take the best care of your roof. Be proactive with your roof care and you can maintain its longevity and limit the need for an expensive replacement.


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