1606, 2021

Are Solar Roof Tiles Worth It?

As the world looks to become more green, solar power is the next big thing in energy. With more people wanting solar power, there are more and more options being developed. This includes solar tiles, which are quickly becoming a highly sought-after option. These tiles are designed to look like conventional roofing materials or tiles, but with the ability to provide solar energy. Solar [...]

906, 2021

Can Roofing Materials Be Recycled?

Like most other industries, the roofing industry is making changes to become greener. As concern for the environment grows, the roofing industry is taking steps to reduce how much ends up in landfills. Using recyclable materials can also save money, which is a win for everyone. All you need to know is which materials can be recycled. Can Roofing Materials Be Recycled? Asphalt: Asphalt [...]

206, 2021

What Is The Best Type Of Warehouse Roofing?

Commercial roofing is built strong, but even the toughest roofing will need to be replaced at some point. When it comes to repairs or replacing roofing, you have several options. But how do you know which is best? What Is The Best Type Of Warehouse Roofing? There are advantages and disadvantages to the common types of commercial roofing. Here is what you need to [...]

2605, 2021

Understanding Roofing Insulation

If you have completed a roofing project you may have noticed that a lot of insulation is involved. Over the last decade, insulation has increased from 3.3” insulation needed to reach “R” 20 to codes now requiring 4.4” insulation to reach “R” 25. There are two main reasons for this increase. Understanding Roofing Insulation Energy efficiency: As people try to increase energy savings, codes [...]

1905, 2021

Avoid The Consequences Of A Leaky Roof

It can be easy to overlook roof maintenance. Being out of sight often leaves your commercial roofing out of mind. But this can be a costly mistake. Roofing wears over time and without proper maintenance, cracks can develop. This means leaks. And leaks can be small, but they will cause big problems. Leaks often occur as a result of a damaged membrane or flashing [...]

1205, 2021

Cleaning Your Gutters and What Happens if You Don’t?

The gutters are often overlooked when it comes to roofing maintenance. But this is a mistake because the gutters are essential to your roof’s performance and the protection of your building. Debris can easily collect in the gutters and negatively impact drainage and roof stability. In reality, not cleaning your gutters shouldn’t even be an option, not doing so can result in several serious [...]

2804, 2021

What Causes Roof Rot?

Roof rot is one of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner. It sounds unpleasant and is a much bigger problem than many homeowners realize. Just because it is out of sight, does not mean it should be out of mind. When this problem becomes evident by water spots on your ceiling or even falling plaster, you know it's past time to [...]

2104, 2021

Making Roof Coatings Work

Roof maintenance is necessary to protect your building and investment. An important component of roofing management strategy is regular roofing replacement. Even with a plan, unexpected problems often arise. You may have an 8- or a 10-year-old roof that starts leaking but you do not have it on the budget for a replacement for several years. And, what if rising costs for heating and [...]

1404, 2021

Aluminum Reflective Roof Coatings or Acrylic on Your Commercial Roof?

For building owners, energy efficiency is always a top priority. From high-performance insulation to energy-efficient windows and lighting, there are many products available to help you keep running costs and energy bills down. There are also ways your roof can contribute to lower energy bills too. Out of sight/out of mind means that we often don’t think about how to use our roofing systems [...]

704, 2021

When Do You Repair Your Flat Roof and When Do You Replace It?

Flat roofing can wear over time and eventually show its age. Perhaps, there has even been severe weather damage. Either way, how do you know when it is time to replace the roof? If you have a damaged or aging flat roof, you may be wondering if you can get by with just a few repairs, instead. We understand the importance of having a [...]

3103, 2021

What’s the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Roofing?

At some point, it is likely that you will come across the need to repair or even replace a roof. It may be for your home or it could be for a commercial building that you manage. It is important to know the differences between these because they are differing in design, materials, installation costs, and maintenance. So, what are the main differences between [...]

2403, 2021

The Life Expectancy Of A Commercial Roof

With proper installation and maintenance, the average commercial roof can last anywhere from 10 to 40 years. The life expectancy varies based on the materials used along with a few other factors. Let’s look at the expected life spans of common commercial roofing materials. The Life Expectancy Of A Commercial Roof Roofing Materials Here is a list of common commercial roofing materials and their [...]

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