2107, 2021

How To Pick The Right Color Roof Shingles?

Is it time to replace your roof or are you building a new one? The roof is an important part and choosing the style and color is a big decision. The right material and color will affect both the value and appearance of your property. You want a material that will blend in with the area and that matches your building architecture. It can [...]

1407, 2021

Metal Roof Leak Protection

Metal roofing is popular because of its durability and ability to reflect away the sun’s heat. Just as with other roofing materials, metal roofing can also get leaks if not properly maintained. Many believe that if properly installed, metal roofing does not need sealants, but perfection is hard to achieve. Metal Roof Leak Protection At some point, your metal roof will leak, and this [...]

3006, 2021

How To Prevent And Remove Roofing Stains?

The most common cause of roof stains is moss and algae. These organisms feed on the organic roof materials and when left untreated, they can cause damage. The fungus or mold spores from nearby trees or plants become embedded in the roofing material. All roofing is vulnerable to stains so it is important to remove them as soon as possible and prevent them from [...]

2306, 2021

Should Your Retail Building Have A Skylight?

Retail buildings can seem dark and dingy on the inside. Even with bright lighting, the atmosphere can seem a little bleak. The easy way to remedy this is by letting in some natural light with a skylight. But how do you know if this is the right decision for your building? Allowing natural light to come inside opens up space and lightens the mood, [...]

1606, 2021

Are Solar Roof Tiles Worth It?

As the world looks to become more green, solar power is the next big thing in energy. With more people wanting solar power, there are more and more options being developed. This includes solar tiles, which are quickly becoming a highly sought-after option. These tiles are designed to look like conventional roofing materials or tiles, but with the ability to provide solar energy. Solar [...]

906, 2021

Can Roofing Materials Be Recycled?

Like most other industries, the roofing industry is making changes to become greener. As concern for the environment grows, the roofing industry is taking steps to reduce how much ends up in landfills. Using recyclable materials can also save money, which is a win for everyone. All you need to know is which materials can be recycled. Can Roofing Materials Be Recycled? Asphalt: Asphalt [...]

206, 2021

What Is The Best Type Of Warehouse Roofing?

Commercial roofing is built strong, but even the toughest roofing will need to be replaced at some point. When it comes to repairs or replacing roofing, you have several options. But how do you know which is best? What Is The Best Type Of Warehouse Roofing? There are advantages and disadvantages to the common types of commercial roofing. Here is what you need to [...]

2605, 2021

Understanding Roofing Insulation

If you have completed a roofing project you may have noticed that a lot of insulation is involved. Over the last decade, insulation has increased from 3.3” insulation needed to reach “R” 20 to codes now requiring 4.4” insulation to reach “R” 25. There are two main reasons for this increase. Understanding Roofing Insulation Energy efficiency: As people try to increase energy savings, codes [...]

1905, 2021

Avoid The Consequences Of A Leaky Roof

It can be easy to overlook roof maintenance. Being out of sight often leaves your commercial roofing out of mind. But this can be a costly mistake. Roofing wears over time and without proper maintenance, cracks can develop. This means leaks. And leaks can be small, but they will cause big problems. Leaks often occur as a result of a damaged membrane or flashing [...]

1205, 2021

Cleaning Your Gutters and What Happens if You Don’t?

The gutters are often overlooked when it comes to roofing maintenance. But this is a mistake because the gutters are essential to your roof’s performance and the protection of your building. Debris can easily collect in the gutters and negatively impact drainage and roof stability. In reality, not cleaning your gutters shouldn’t even be an option, not doing so can result in several serious [...]

2804, 2021

What Causes Roof Rot?

Roof rot is one of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner. It sounds unpleasant and is a much bigger problem than many homeowners realize. Just because it is out of sight, does not mean it should be out of mind. When this problem becomes evident by water spots on your ceiling or even falling plaster, you know it's past time to [...]

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