1605, 2022

Protect Your Property Form The Coming Heat

  Roofing varies from building to building and they are not all equal when it comes to standing up to high temperatures. Even though it's winter now, summers lasting longer and longer, it becomes a priority to protect the roofing from the damages of extreme heat. It is also important to keep energy costs down during these high temperatures. Protect Your Property Form The [...]

2302, 2022

How Rising Material Costs Affect Roofing Prices?

There has been a noticeable increase in roofing prices over the last year. Contractors are struggling to keep up with material price increases and delays in getting materials for projects. With the right roofing company, you don’t have to worry because they will work to make sure you get quality and value even with material costs increasing. How Rising Material Costs Affect Roofing Prices? [...]

1602, 2022

Your Guide To What A Roof Warranty Is and What It Is Not – Part 3 of 3

Remedies Provided by Roofing Warranties A warranty will provide all the details regarding possible actions you can take should there be a problem. Some remedies will be limited and only involve work that restores the roof to its watertight condition, which can mean simple patching. Issues like wood rot or damaged insulation are not likely to be taken care of. As far as the [...]

902, 2022

Your Guide To What A Roof Warranty Is and What It Is Not – Part 2 of 3

The Benefits of Roofing Warranties Not all warranties seem to provide guarantees which make people question if they are beneficial or not. But, roofing warranties are important as they get the manufacturer involved in roofing projects. Their involvement can help make sure the system meets the expected standards and qualifications. A manufacturer typically requests that contractors submit the systems they intend to use before [...]

202, 2022

Your Guide To What A Roof Warranty Is and What It Is Not – Part 1 of 3

For any roofing project, the warranty is one of the aspects usually discussed upfront. Roofing warranties are used to give building owners peace of mind, but are they essential? Many building owners find themselves asking if a roofing warranty is really necessary and what, if anything, it provides. It is important for any property owner or manager to understand roofing warranties so they can [...]

2601, 2022

What Are The Most Common Roof Support Issues

In order for a roof to properly protect a building, it needs the right support. Over time the support and the roofing can begin to weaken. This causes the building to look rundown and it can also be hazardous. It is important to work with a contractor to identify the cause so it can be properly repaired and the roof support can be maintained. [...]

1201, 2022

Does Roof Condition Affect Property Value?

The answer is yes. The condition of the roof will affect the overall look and value of the property. Both residential and commercial properties will have appraisals at some point and the condition of the roof is an important part of this appraisal. When looking over the roofing of your property, an appraiser will look at several factors. Does Roof Condition Affect Property Value? [...]

501, 2022

The Importance of Commercial Roof Uplift Testing

Even though California doesn’t have hurricanes, strong winds can cause serious damage. As hurricanes are predicted to hit high-risk areas, this means the weather across the country will be affected, which means high winds could be in your area. With the uncertainty of what the weather will bring, now is the perfect time to get your commercial roofing prepared for dangerous winds. The Importance [...]

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