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3 07, 2019

How Roofing Contractors Can Promote Sustainability?

2020-09-08T02:02:58+00:00By |

Sustainability and eco-friendly trends continue to sweep the nation and are impacting all industries. There is an urgent need to adopt practices towards a greener approach to the environment and many businesses are making the changes. With roofing being such a significant contributing factor [...]

28 02, 2019

Two Common Materials Used In Commercial Roofing

2020-09-08T02:08:24+00:00By |

  There are a plethora of different roofing materials that are used for commercial &industrial roofing, but today we will choose two very popular ones to discuss at length, PVC & Rubber Membrane (EPDM).           POLY-VINYL CHLORIDE MEMBRANE (PVC) PVC roofing membranes are [...]

16 05, 2018

The Best Five Types of Metal Roofing Materials for Your New Roof

2020-09-08T02:18:48+00:00By |

  Metal has always been renowned for being a great choice for both residential and commercial roofs. A lightweight material, metal is also durable and easier to maintain than some other more common roofing choices. In order to choose the best type of metal [...]

22 01, 2018

Why Hire a Professional to Inspect Your Roof After a Storm?

2020-09-08T02:25:29+00:00By |

  Whether you can see it or not, storms can damage your roof in a variety of ways.  At first glance it might appear that everything is in order, however even small problems can go unnoticed and become bigger issues later on. Problems Can [...]

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